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Simppeli Consultant develops tailored websites from Kaarina, Littoinen and delivers them everywhere.

Functional, easy to use and simple website straight from entrepreneur Simppeli Consultant.

Simppeli Consultant can make websites either Finnish or English!
other language are also possible.

Why should you order websites from Simppeli Consultant?

Here is three reasons why

A search engine friendly site

In Finland only there is made over 30 million searches in Google per day

With well made websites we can gain more visibility and more contacts for you


Data doesnt lie and it helps you do more justifiable decisions for your company. For all website Simppeli installs an analytic tool that lets you follow how many people come to your site, where they come from and with what device.

Care service

What about after you get the websites you ordered? No worries. Simppeli Consultant takes care of your website and keeps you informed how the websites works.

Customers reviews about Simppeli websites

Information about Simppeli Consultant

My name is Niko Hakala. I am an entrepreneur from Finland, Kaarina. 

The idea behind Simppeli Consultant is to make clear, easy to use and search engine friendly websites for my customers with language options for Finnish and English. Very important for me as a entrepeneur is that my customers are satisfied with my service and products. That is why I don’t leave my customers alone with the website that I made for them and help them the whole journey with the website and make sure of its functionality.

My first touch to digital marketing started in 2017 when I worked in one of the biggest companies in the industry in Finland. That is where my passion for digital marketing and helping companies and entrepreneurs began.

Vocational Institute of Turku where I graduated with a degree of datanome.

University of Applied Sciences of Turku where I graduated with a degree of Bachelor Business Administration (BBA)

Website process

1. phase


In the starting of the project Simppeli Consultant interviews the customer where we decide the layout of the site, the content, timetable of the project and etc.

1. phase

2. phase

Checking the website

Time to check if the customer is happy with the layout of the upcoming website

2. phase

3. phase

Time to publish

When customer is pleased with the layout of the website it’s time to publish it! 

3. phase

Making sure websites works in the future

Care service

Here is where the websites are published and everything is working as agreed!

There is nothing to worry about the future, because Simppeli is going to take care of the website all the way. If there is going to come changes to whatever Simppeli is here for you to make that all happen!

Making sure websites works in the future
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