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Simppeli Consultant also offers SEO services for WordPress websites

Developing content & search engine optimization

Do you already have good, working website but customers doesnt seem to find you on search engines (example Google) Nothing to worry about, Simppeli is here! Simppeli consultant can write your already existing in a new manner without forgetting your brand image. 

I use tools and my experience to make your website more search engine friendly.

With well optimized websites you benefit these things

More contact

It’s a proven fact that selling, findable and easy to use websites add more contacts for you. 


Customers find you

These days people use search engine as Google to look products or services that they need or want. So wouldn’t it make sense for your website to be available for them in the search engines?

Good first impression

Like when you are meeting a person for a first time the first impression is a important, right? The same principle works in the internet too if your website gives an impression that you are trustworthy, dependable, professional it’s easies for the potential customers to contact you.

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