Benefits of website

Here is a list of the benefits of having a well-made website

Raise your sales

When a person writes to search engine about a product or service they are interested in it makes a buying signal!

How would it sound to show your website to these people who have searched the product or service in your area that they are interested in?

With well made webpage you can be found on search engines, have a good first impression and easy to your customers to contact you!


Is the back bone of every entrepreneur.

it’s the best and the oldest of marketing methods and it’s still working, but for this to work and not to miss any sales they need to find you easy.

It’s also important for the image to correspond to the image what customer had about you on the internet too and with good website we can ensure this.

Let’s keep your old customers happy and make it easier to new customers to contact you!


Collecting data is a big part of bringing stability to your company! And you should do it in the internet also! Developing your web presence on the internet  well only succeeds when you collect data and you know how your potential customers behave on your website.

Wouldn’t it make sense to know how many people visit your webpage and how they behave there?

That’s why Simppeli Consultant installs analytics tool to every webpage.

Care service

Simppeli doesn’t just let you off alone when the websites are done. Simppeli is here to take care of your website and making sure you know how the websites are doing.

Simppeli care service:

Updating the page 2 times a year
Care service calls 2 times a year
Free changes and fixes 3 hour per year

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