What makes a website good?

Here is a list of features of what you should keep in mind when thinking about getting a website


A good website scales to all different devices! Was it a phone, tablet or computer a good website works on all of them.

On the year 2020 over 70% of scrolling on the inter happened on a smart phone.


You probably have noticed that people are impatient nowadays?

And that’s probably true. Because studies these days show that over 2 second loading time already loses some of the visitors.

Also that people are impatient there is also that search engines today values the fast reload speed of websites and ranks them better in searches if your website is fast.

Simppeli Consultant uses the best tools available to make the page as fast as possible.

Content is a key

In Finland we have a saying “A good picture tells more than a thousand words” and I think it’s true on some cases.

But even thou the website has good pictures the content written on webpages is also very important to search engines and to potential customers.

To make a good content to a website Simppeli Consultant interviews all customers personally to get best content to the website.


Simppeli Consultant makes all websites with WordPress that almost 37% of all the world websites use.

Simppeli uses the best tools available in WordPress to guarantee the websites functionality, updating, loading speeds and search engines foundability.

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